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What is Peace Camp?

Peace Village started in 1995 as a summer day camp between the Congregational Church of Lincoln City, the Peace Studies department of Pacific University, and the Native Youth Council of the Siletz Nation. Now there are Peace Camps found in areas across the globe. We are excited to bring Peace Camp to Corvallis.

Using play and fun activities our goal is to teach children to recognize and encourage each humans inherit potential for inner peace, to realize that inner strength gives us the best chance to succeed at resolving conflict, and to teach empathy with the idea that it helps to resolve conflict and have a deeper understanding of each other. 

To do this we will focus on five subjects: art and music, mindful movement, connecting to nature, media literacy, and conflict resolution. This will give children the skills to be active peacemakers. Activities may include yoga, meditation, music, learning how to interpret media, art, non-competitive play, playing outside, and learning about peaceful role models.


Peace Camp is not a religious organization and we recognize, accept, and celebrate diversity in race, ethnicity, culture, language, and religion. 

Here is a short video from Peace Village:

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